The Legacy Continues: Swiss Arabian’s Bestsellers Reimagined into a New Hair Mist Collection

The Legacy Continues: Swiss Arabian’s Bestsellers Reimagined into a New Hair Mist Collection

The Legacy Continues: Swiss Arabian’s Bestsellers Reimagined into a New Hair Mist Collection

Embrace the enchantment of our new hair mist launch, a collection that reflects a fusion of timeless allure and modern elegance, revealing the secret to a long-lasting fragrance journey.

Through hair mists, Swiss Arabian offers a unique way to ensure your favorite fragrance accompanies you throughout the day. Each scent in our range of reimagined bestsellers tells a unique story. From the timeless allure of oud to the floral symphony of roses, crafted to experience the continuity of our signature scents in a new, ethereal form.

ROSE 01 – Hair Mist: A floral fantasy that transports you to a mythical garden fit for a Goddess. A delicate spritz can change your entire day, elevate your senses and refresh your hair.

MUSK 07 – Hair Mist: Bask in the ethereal gourmand musky fragrance, where the delicate ingredients of the sought-after fruits melt deliciously into a captivating bouquet of floral notes. Leaving a memorable signature in your hair.

GHARAAM – Hair Mist: Designed to be shared, made to be cherished. A unique fragrance holds an alluring blend of jasmine petals, saffron, and amber. Experience the scent of opulence.

CASABLANCA – Hair Mist: Immerse yourself in the rhythmic allure of a velvety musk, as it weaves its enchanting spell, accompanied by the warm embrace of an amber-hued sunset, casting a golden transformation upon your hair.

SHAGHAF OUD – Hair Mist: An injection of confidence to empower you to conquer the world. A powerful gourmand oud fragrance that surrounds your hair with an intense blend of precious notes of saffron, agarwood, praline and vanilla. 

The Science of Longevity: Why Hair Mists Endure

Understanding the science behind fragrance reveals why hair mists excel in longevity. Hair, unlike skin, doesn’t fluctuate in temperature as much, providing a stable environment for the scent to linger.

Dermatologists explain that the natural oils produced by the scalp help maintain the health of the hair and the scalp. As over-washing your hair and over-using dry shampoo can indeed strip away these protective layer of natural oils, leaving your hair and scalp dry and prone to damage.

Hair mist stands as the best solution to combat greasiness and keep your hair smells great without the need for constant washing. Our hair mists are enriched with TCA 550 and Vitamin E to make your hair feel smoother, shinier, healthier, and less sticky. They also provide antioxidant protection to make your hair feel wonderful all day long.

Crafting Excellence: Where Meticulous Craftsmanship Meets Supreme Quality Ingredients

Swiss Arabian hair mists are carefully crafted in the heart of France, renowned for its rich perfumery heritage. Exemplifying the pinnacle of luxury, these exquisite hair mists are curated by master artisans using only the most exceptional, top-tier ingredients sourced from around the world.

In the picturesque landscapes of France, skilled craftsmen employ time-honored techniques to blend rare and premium elements, ensuring a sensory journey like no other. The result is a harmonious fusion of sophistication and artistry, encapsulated in every bottle of Swiss Arabian hair mist collection.

From elegant bottles to premium designed caps and exquisite packaging, every detail is crafted with careful precision to offer a masterpiece of exquisite artistry and opulence. Within this incomparable aesthetic and from the moment the cap is lifted, the essence of unparalleled quality permeates the air, leaving an enchanting trail of fragrance that lingers delicately on your hair.


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