The Journey of Swiss Arabian Perfumes

The Journey of Swiss Arabian Perfumes

The Journey of Swiss Arabian Perfumes

The Journey of Swiss Arabian Perfumes

The journey of the Swiss Arabian brand, from its inception to a multinational perfume giant, is a long and inspirational one. The brand was the brainchild of Mr. Hussein Adam Ali, who arrived in the UAE from Yemen over 45 years ago. He came with a dream to establish a legacy in perfumery in the newly established federation.

To realize his dreams, he embraced the ideals of hard work and dedication, and started building from the ground up. In fact, in an interview he gave to the Khaleej Times, he recounts how, on his first day in the country, he spent hours walking in the hot sun just to save taxi costs.

From there, to becoming the chairman of a company with more than a thousand employees, and presence in the Middle East, Africa and North America, it is a tale of remarkable achievements realized by extraordinary perseverance.

Source: Khaleej Times

Fragrances in the Land of Dreams

The first perfume manufacturing company to be set up in the UAE, Swiss Arabian was a collaboration with Swiss perfume giant, Givaudan Roure. The brand was able to successfully introduce its customers to quality of perfumes that was lacking in the Middle East market.

The brand’s evolution was synonymous with that of the federation. Just like the country that grew from humble beginnings to become a symbol of the best that life has to offer, Swiss Arabian would also grow by leaps and bounds over the coming decades, to be adopted and cherished by millions across the region.

35 Million Perfumes. 80 Countries.

The extraordinary heights that the brand has reached, is seen in the facts and figures. Today, Swiss Arabian operates five ultra-modern manufacturing facilities spread across a total area of 165,000 sq. ft., to produce more than 35 million perfumes annually that are exported to over 80 countries across the globe.

Mashkoor, the exclusive card-less Swiss Arabian loyalty program that provides offers and returns to registered customers has a growing membership base of more than 150,000.

Stepping into the Future

Even with the remarkable success it has achieved, the brand is not one to rest on its laurels. Swiss Arabian still is dynamic even today. Constantly evolving and reinventing itself, it offers the best quality of products and services to its customers.

Swiss Arabian recently refreshed its brand identity to adopt a sleeker, more modern and customer friendly image. This involved a re-design of its logo and showroom format, in addition to a much more vibrant online presence. The new Swiss Arabian website offers customers easy online access to their favorite Swiss Arabian perfumes on a new, robust, modern and user-friendly interface. This is a company stepping out into the future, with one foot firmly planted in a long and cherished past.