The Best Fragrance Gift Sets from Swiss Arabian

The Best Fragrance Gift Sets from Swiss Arabian

The Best Fragrance Gift Sets from Swiss Arabian

The Best Fragrance Gift Sets from Swiss Arabian

Luxe and Aromatic presents for Eid

Gifting a unique perfume can be a thoughtful and memorable gesture that sparks joy and nostalgia. What’s even better are perfume gift sets that offer varied options for the wearer and can last them through seasons.

Swiss Arabian offers the best selection of fragrance gift sets to gift anyone and everyone, from your brother to your boss or best friend.

Swiss Arabian’s Experience Set

A wonderful way to express your affection to your loved one, this gift set contains three 10ml vials of the brand’s most-loved scents accompanied with an exquisitely designed gold holder. Whether you prefer woody, floral, musky or a spicy scent, the Experience Set has something for every kind of fragrance lover. Available in five different scent options, the easy-to-carry refillable bottle is small enough to fit inside the palm of your hand so you can take it wherever you go.

Heritage Discovery Set

A beautifully packaged gift set, this is the ultimate gift to woo your loved one. Featuring a full-sized Rose 01 perfume, and an invigorating floral fragrance it will instantly transport you to a mystical garden. It is packed with eight bottles of oud, amber, musk, and rose fragrances offered in deluxe, travel-friendly sizes, ideal for when you’re on the go. From smoky and woody, to warm and rich, to floral and fruity, this lavish gift set is an extraordinary and unforgettable purchase this Eid.

Swiss Arabian Love Set

The perfect definition of love, Swiss Arabian’s Love Set contains three customizable fragrances of your choice from their heavenly Love collection. Choose from strong, woody, musky to floral scents and personalize your fragrance gift set for your loved one.

Swiss Arabian Oil Collection Set

The best pick for those who love to layer their fragrances, Swiss Arabian’s Oil Gift Set is for all the musky lovers. Featuring four fragrant oils (Mukhalat Malaki, Musk Malaki, Private Musk and Secret Musk) that are blended to perfection, these are designed to melt into your skin to make you feel clean and elegant all day long. The concentrated formulas will please even the most fragrance-adverse person on your list. Plus, the bottle size makes the already adorable perfume perfect for easy travel!

Still confused on what fragrance to gift this Eid Al-Adha? Check out the Swiss Arabian bestselling range to find a scent that suits every type of personality.