Relish the Delight With Swiss Arabian’s Exclusive Experience Set – New Season, New Adventure, New Scent!

Relish the Delight With Swiss Arabian’s Exclusive Experience Set – New Season, New Adventure, New Scent!

Relish the Delight With Swiss Arabian’s Exclusive Experience Set – New Season, New Adventure, New Scent!

Choosing a new perfume can be a wonderful way to associate a specific scent with the experiences and adventures you have during that time. Swiss Arabian Experience Set is designed ensure your favorite fragrance is with you, every step of the way!

Discover the variety of our scented world through our meticulously crafted Experience Set. A scented jewel, available for her and for him, in a size that can fit the palm of your hand, your pocket and your bag. The Experience Set is available in our 5 signature fragrances, perfect for on-the-go and ready for any moment.


ROSE 01 – Experience Set: Indulge into an innovative blend of a floral fantasy that transports you to a mythical garden. Surrounding you by a unique notes of invigorating bergamot, lychee, roses, pink peonies, vanilla, and musk for a truly enchanting experience. It's a place where the beauty of nature and the power of scent come together to transport you to a world of wonder and delight. Rose 01 – Experience Set is available in 3 refills of 10ml each along with an elegant Zamac Metal Case.

OUD 01 – Experience Set: Let your senses go on a journey, with a harmonious bouquet of captivating notes of luscious raspberry perfectly blended with classic notes of Turkish rose, lily of the valley, amber, leather and cherished oud. This fragrance is skillfully combined to evoke an enchanting narrative and to transform your experiences into a memory that never fade. Oud 01 – Experience Set is designed in a way to be taken with you wherever you go – it’s the only luggage you’ll need.


MUSK 07 – Experience Set: Bask in the ethereal scent of Musk 07, where delicate and mouth-watering ingredients of pomegranate, blackcurrant, rose, patchouli, and musk have been woven together to conjure a captivating story and to treasure your moments into an unwithering gourmand bouquet. Musk 07 – Experience Set is carefully created to start your journey with the sun-kissed golden Zamac Metal Case, and to invite you to discover the day ahead.

GHARAAM – Experience Set: Sheathes you in an irresistible journey, ready to be explored and cherished forever. This unique fragrance holds a captivating blend of jasmine petals, saffron, and amber. Gharaam invites you to experience an ultimate wave of graceful and luxurious indulgence to be cherished forever. Gharaam – Experience Set is available in a travel size to be used on the go and can fit in your hand, your pocket and your bag.

OUD 07 – Experience Set: Experience an exquisite blend that opens with precious saffron alongside a blossoming rose, sweetened by a mouth-watering touch of tempting praline. Followed by white amber that makes an elegant bridge to warm vanilla and lasting layers of captivating musk. Created to enhance the sweetness of your cherished moments with your loved ones. Thanks to its travel format, Oud 07 – Experience Set is an ideal gift for any occasion to your loved ones.

Each fragrance in the Swiss Arabian Experience Sets is designed to take you to different corners of the world, allowing you to create your own unforgettable adventures. Wherever your journey takes you, make it unforgettable with Swiss Arabian.

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