Find Your New Fall Fragrance With Swiss Arabian’s Invigorating Scents

Find Your New Fall Fragrance With Swiss Arabian’s Invigorating Scents

Find Your New Fall Fragrance With Swiss Arabian’s Invigorating Scents

Find Your New Fall Fragrance With Swiss Arabian

The chill in the air and the sight of leaves changing color is a sign that fall is finally underway. As you get ready to add pumpkin spice to everything, you may also want to consider a new scent for the season.

While choosing a fragrance is a wholly subjective affair, fall fragrances are typically a more complex choice. The season calls for getting a little woodsier, spicier, and creamier with your perfume to match the cosy ambience and add a bit of warmth especially as the temperature starts to drop.

Typically, the scents for fall range between a dreamy harmony of exotic woods or a rich blend featuring cedar wood, amber, or patchouli. Common perfume notes also include pepper, vanilla, and musk, and you can also consider favourite florals like jasmine and rose.

Whether you prefer fall floral in a bottle or sweet and spicy with all things nice, Swiss Arabian has the perfect scent to conjure the cosiness of the season.

Amber 01

Spice, flowers, amber and wood – this is a fabulous autumnal perfume. Swiss Arabian’s Amber 01 opens with radiant notes of fresh mandarin tamed with the heat of black peppercorn, filled with a burst of florals such as rose, jasmine, and luxurious cashmeran, and finished off with cedar wood and patchouli.

Oud 07

Looking for a sweet yet warm fragrance perfect for fall? Oud 07 is a luxe Gourmand Oud scent with a can’t-ignore bouquet of oud wood, precious golden saffron, and blossoming rose. This is a perfume that will arouse the curiosity of passers-by.


Developed with a refreshing burst of fruit and floral notes, Swiss Arabian’s Casablanca commands attention. Inspired by the breathtaking city it derives its name from, this sweet-smelling scent opens with an invigorating array of fruity scents of caramelized apple merged with intense notes of patchouli, and finished with amber, musk, and vanilla.


An unexpected scent that draws you in with its flattering notes, leaving you smelling good all day long – Gharaam is an ambery, aromatic and woody fragrance. Created with an intoxicating aroma of precious jasmine petals coupled with saffron, the rarest of all spices, it is fused with the scent of woods. The result is a unique unisex perfume ideal for autumn.

Primal Code

A dynamic men’s spicy-sweet fragrance, Primal Code by Swiss Arabian is the perfect choice for cooler seasons. The fragrance begins with invigorating mint, warm cardamom, violet leaf and fruity pink pepper. This masculine hit of zest makes the perfect setting for heart notes of lavender, sage and cinnamon. Added touches of juicy pineapple and melon keep your scent uplifting as golden woods emerge to embrace a warm vanilla finish.

Swiss Arabian has an amazing selection of best-selling fragrances for men and women manufactured with high-quality materials in the UAE. Check out to explore your favourite scents today.