Find The Perfect Perfume For Your Personality

Find the perfect perfume for your personality

Find the perfect perfume for your personality

The kind of perfume you choose tells a lot about your personality. In fact, you would also want to apply a certain type of fragrance if you want to feel ‘free-spirited’ or ‘lively.’ When you’re buying a fragrance you generally think about what fragrance would match the person. If your friend wears white fresh colored dresses often and has a calm persona, you may want to gift her a fresh, white floral or musk based perfume because you feel that matches her personality most. Gifting her a heavy, spicy fragrance just wouldn’t seem right.

It’s hard to find a perfume that perfectly expresses every aspect of you, so we’ve put down a few fragrance recommendations for some general personality traits.

  • You’re dynamic, energetic and cheerful. For your friends and family, you are the life of the party. At work, you are the star of the show that takes charge and works hard to get things done.

Perfect notes for you: Citrus, fruity, fresh.
Perfume recommendations: Miss Edge, Pure Instinct, Primal Code, Mr Edge, Walaa.

  • You would describe yourself as classy and you enjoy the finer things in life, yet have a playful and mysterious side.

Perfect notes: Oriental, floral, sweet.
Perfume recommendations: Royal Mystery, Al Amaken, Gharaam, Wajd, Private Musk.

  • You are modern, confident and sophisticated, yet hold strongly to your traditional roots and values.

Perfect notes: Oriental, oud, heavy florals.
Perfume recommendations: Oud Maknoon, Ishq, Attar Al Ghutra, Sehr Al Sheila, Shaghaf Oud Abyad.

  • You desire harmony and tranquility in your surroundings and often play the role of peacemaker in an argument. Friends would say you have exquisite taste – your wardrobe is sophisticated and elegant.

Perfect notes: Light florals, musks.
Perfume recommendations: Hamsah, Rose Malaki, Musk Malaki, Secret Musk.