Five Things You've Been Doing Wrong While Spraying Perfume

5 Things Youve Been Doing Wrong While Spraying Perfume

5 Things Youve Been Doing Wrong While Spraying Perfume

Some people can just walk into a room and turn heads just by the way they smell.

You automatically assume that it’s because of the amount of perfume they are wearing.

But when you try that, the result can be slightly frustrating. In fact, too much perfume can even trigger a headache.

So what are you doing wrong? It could be anything from the type of fragrance to the way you’ve been applying it.

Always remember that every perfume has a top note, heart note and a base note.

For example, Gharaam starts off with a beautiful combination of saffron and jasmine.

The mixture gradually melts into its amber heart and ends with a mixture of warm woods. Before you purchase a fragrance, it would be best if you test it, wait till all the notes kick in and see how it suits you.

Here’s a list of a few things that you could be doing wrong while spraying perfume:

1.Rubbing instead of spraying

The friction created by rubbing heats up the skin which produces natural enzymes that crush the notes and change the composition of its top, middle and base notes.

2. Getting your skin wet from the spray

Does your skin get wet when you spray your perfume? If yes, you’re doing it wrong.

The ideal distance you should maintain while spraying perfume on your body is 3-6 inches. Then again, if you hold it too far away from your body, you can end up wasting a lot of perfume.

We also recommend spraying directly onto the skin as spraying on your clothes could cause water marks.

3. Spraying too much perfume

What you don’t want to do is to go overboard. The fragrance may suit you, but if you use too much of it, you might even cause discomfort to others. A little is good enough to create a good impact. You can layer using lotions, bakhoor, oud, perfume oils, etc. to make your fragrance ritual extra special.

Make sure to start with heavier fragrances first and end with lighter ones so that lighter ones don’t get overpowered when you layer.

Having your skin clean, moist and moisturized will also help to ‘stick’ the fragrance to your skin and last longer, without needing to over spray.

4. Apply concentrated perfume oils (attars) differently

When you use oils, you need to dab a few drops on your pulse points gently.

These include the areas near your collar bone, the naval, behind your ears and a few other spots. Just applying it anywhere wouldn’t do the trick.

5. Storing your perfumes in the wrong places

Make sure not to leave your perfumes in the car or in the bathroom. They need to be kept at room temperature so that the notes don’t deteriorate.

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